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Beauceron kennel   "Âme magnanime"

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Photogallery HERE

ŠTENIATKA vo farbe čierna s pálením a harlekýn/ PUPPIES in color black/ tan & harlequin!!!

 Club CH of sport Ikar Warrior Soul x C.I.E. Ame magnanime BERNADETTE Bleu

Kompletná fotogaléria vrhu TU / Complette photogallery HERE

Videá TU/ Videos HERE

Fotogaléria matky TU/ Photogallery of mother HERE

Fotogaléria otca TU / Photogallery of father HERE

Fotogaléria predkov TU/ Photogallery of ancestors HERE

Fotogaléria vrhu G 2015 ( rovnakí rodičia) TU / Photogallery of litter G ( the same parents)

Fotogaléria WCH IPO 3 2016 AM BERNARD Noir, brat BERNADETTE

Čoskoro ďalšie fotogalérie našich úspešných odchovancov 

Other photo galleries of our successful offsprings coming soon


 "Âme magnanime"

beauceron kennel registered in FCI since 2011

chovateľská stanica beauceronov registrovaná v FCI od roku 2011

update successes of our offspring coming soon!

aktualizácia úspechov našich odchovancov už čoskoro!

Offspring from our kennel is World Champion ! AM Bernard Noir won the World Cup of french shepperds 2016 in the highest cattegory IPO 3!

Odchovanec z našej CHS je Svetový Šampión! AM Bernard Noir zvíťazil na Majstrovstvách sveta francúzskych ovčiakov 2016 v kategórii IPO 3!

Offspring from our kennel is Best of Breed of the most prestigious dog show in Europe Cruft´s 2016 in United Kingdom!

Odchovanec z našej CHS je Najlepším z plemena na  najprestížnejšej výstave psov v Európe Cruft´s 2016 vo Veľkej Británii!

The best breeding group 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2018 !

Najlepšia chovateľská skupina 2014, 2015, 2016,2017,2018 !

Club titles TOP MALE  & TOP FEMALE of year 2013& 2014& 2015 obtained offsprings from our kennel !

Klubové tituly PES ROKA a SUKA ROKA 2013, 2014, 2015 získali odchovanci z našej CHS !

Offspring from our kennel is European Winner 2014!

Odchovanec z našej CHS je Európsky víťaz 2014 !

Offspring from our kennel is Winner of Championship  2014 in IPO1 , Vicemaster of Championship 2015 in IPO 3!!! 2 x BEST TRACKING !!!

Odchovanec z našej CHS je Víťaz Majstrovstiev FO a FB 2014 v IPO1, Vicemajster Majstrovstiev FO a FB 2015 v IPO 3, 2 x Najlepšia stopa !!!

Offspring from our kennel is Winner of Club Show FRPK 2014, Club Show SBK 2015, 2016 !

 Odchovanec našej CHS je Klubový víťaz FRPK 2014, Klubový víťaz KV SBK 2015, 2016!

Offspring from our kennel is Junior World Winner 2013 !

Odchovanec z našej CHS je Svetový víťaz mladých 2013! 

Offspring from our kennel is periodically on the podium in competitions FCI groups ( BIG)  and competitions for the Best dog of the show (BIS)!

Odchovanec z našej CHS je pravidelne na stupňoch víťazov v súťažiach FCI skupiny ( BIG) a v súťažiach o Najlepšieho psa výstavy (BIS) ! 



Hello friends, our names are Iva & Rasty and we live near the historic town of Nitra in Slovakia. Our little house is in the countryside, with the large garden and there is a place for good people, lots of trees, flowers as well as animals. We have had so far only dogs - if I do not count the birds that adore our garden :)

In our life we have taken care of various dogs, various breeds, but we fell in love with Beauceron!

Our first female Beauceron- Adonné z Modrej zeme (nickname Ada) arrived in our home in August 2008. We did not plan to establish a kennel, but Ada in everything surpassed our expectations. From the puppy had grown up beautiful and powerful female with high energy to work. She was my first dog that I began seriously to train. I had no experience and lot of things I had messed up. Ada was always rated as excellent, she has an interesting pedigree in terms of breeding, and therefore we decided to go with her to a breeding test. She was a great and has become a breeding female. We therefore in 2010 applied for registration of kennel. Choice of the name of kennel we consulted with our French friends. The name "Âme magnanime" (the noble soul) that exactly captures the essence the Beauceron. International Federation Cynologique FCI registered this name and early 2011 in our kennel born the first puppies. Already at that time we knew that one Beauceron is not enough. Beauceron has gained its beauty, power, energy, nobility, loyalty and strong character. We therefore retain at home one puppy - female harlequin Ame magnanime BERNADETTE Bleu (nickname Berry). She is my fulfilled dream in everything. She is our princess :) Anyone who knows her must be in love with her. She does all with ease, with elegance and with joy. Berry also passed breeding test in 2012 and she became a top class breeding bitch of breeding in Slovakia. In May 2013 she gave birth to her first litter- this is the third litter in our kennel.

We both have different job, breeding is our hobby. Our aim is not to produce many puppies at the expense of quality, health and character! We select very carefully cover dogs. We are looking for dogs that are physically and mentally healthy - they have the typical appearance and stable character of Beauceron.

We strive to ensure that our puppies have an interesting pedigree for breeding- therefore we are looking for quality, but low utilized sires.

We love our dogs; they are part of our home and part of our family too. They are with us every day even sometimes they are with us in our jobs. They have their aviary which is still open, so that they have freedom of movement in the garden. We travel everywhere with them - it is funnier :) They give us a lot of energy and devoted love :)